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Artist and Tumblr shitposter

About me

Hi hello! I'm known as both Slush and Wil over the internet so just call me what you're comfy with.
I'm trans nonbinary and my pronouns are they/xem/he but I'm comfy with any gender neutral pronouns.
my recent hype fixations have been the dsmp, Windows93/myspace, and CSS code.

DNI (if)

  • you're a terf

  • you're a homophobe

  • you're a transphobe

  • you're a map

  • you're racist

  • you're ablest

  • you're a Trump supporter

  • you're a dream anti

  • you make jokes about minorities you aren't apart of

  • you contribute to cringe culture

  • you make just of kids for being edgy

  • you think neopronouns are stupid

  • you believe in heterophobia

  • you're pro-life

  • you're just a dick in general


Discord: SaltySlush#8308
Instagram: Willowdustie
Tumblr: Willowdustie
Twitter: Willowdustie
Artfol: Willwdustie
Tiktok: Willowdust
Myspace93: SaltySlush